Remove mental barriers that prevent us from performing our best

Do you want a little more out of life? Searching for that promotion at work? Really want to save money? Do you feel that something is holding you back? We talk to Anthony Bonnici about mental barriers or brain blinkers that are like road blocks in our brain. They prevent us from achieving our best, from exploring our world, from connecting with others. They can reinforce old unhelpful rituals and help explain why people get stuck in a rut. They explain why we can sometimes struggle with change. By taking a closer look at our own beliefs around change, we can substantially affect our response to change and thus the outcome of change.


02:22 – examples of mental barriers and roadblocks in our minds
04:18 – overcoming your limiting beliefs to achieve your potential
08:43 – the relationship between our behaviour and our beliefs and how we can start to change our behaviours to become more action orientated
14:31 – exploring the cause of self sabotage and negative thoughts
27:05 – how fear affects us, particularly in a public speaking or professional setting

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