Moving beyond cash: increasing returns without taking unnecessary risk

Not-for-profit organisations approach the treatment of cash in different ways. In this podcast episode, you’ll hear Andrew Gillon, Senior Investment Advisor – Pitcher Partners Investment Services, discuss whether cash can be considered a short, medium or long-term asset or investment, whether it is a secure investment, and whether cash should be considered part of any strategic asset allocation for a not-for-profit organisation. Andrew is in conversation with Murray Wyatt FCPA, Group Chairman, Director – Morrows. This is the fourth podcast in a five-part series with Pitcher Partners on key issues in the not-for-profit sector.


02:33 – what is cash? And as an investment what are the key characteristics?
03:47 – what affects the value of cash?
06:31 – what return can you expect during an uncertain market?
12:20 – what have the short and long term returns on cash in Australia been?
14:07 – if you want to improve returns above the cash rate, what are the key considerations?
16:49 – the risk-return trade-off: What are some of the alternatives to cash?
24:27 – how do you know when you’re getting it right if you step away from cash?
27:53 – in low interest rate, highly-destructed world markets, which are extremely volatile, is cash a good investment?

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