Issues for Boards: Risk, technology and sustainability

High standards of corporate governance for financial institutions have become even more critical amid massive disruptions to the global economy.

In this podcast episode, Professor Mak Yuen Teen identifies risk management, technology and sustainability as key issues for boards. Drawing on the findings from the report Banking on Governance, Insuring Sustainability, which analysed a range of corporate governance issues affecting the financial services industry in the Asia Pacific region, Professor Mak discusses risk governance and risk management, corporate culture, and sustainability and ESG, and offers practical advice for Board members. You’ll also learn how COVID-19 has affected businesses and individuals like no other crisis before. Listen now.

Guest: Associate Professor Mak Yuen Teen, NUS Business School, Singapore
Host: Melvin Yong, Country Head – Singapore, CPA Australia 

Further Resources:

Transcript (PDF)
Report: Banking on Governance, Insuring Sustainability
Banking on Governance, Insuring Sustainability report infographic
CPA Australia resources on corporate governance
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