Roadmap to Recovery Podcast Series

The Roadmap to Recovery podcast series is a tool to help you navigate challenging times and determine the future of your business. The series has three parts: Respond, recover, and re-imagine and re-invent.

Roadmap to Recovery part 1: How businesses can respond to the COVID-19 lockdown

The response of governments worldwide to the COVID-19 pandemic was strong and swift, with many businesses unprepared for economic lockdown. How can businesses best respond to the current climate? In part one of the Roadmap to Recovery podcast series, Mike Sewell FCPA discusses how businesses have responded to the COVID-19 crisis, and how they are recovering. He provides practical tips to improve the cash position of a business, suggestions for how business should approach the recovery phase, and how to reconsider strategy for the post-COVID-19 environment. Listen now.

Roadmap to Recovery part 2: How businesses can recover from the COVID-19 lockdown

In this podcast episode, Mike Sewell FCPA discusses practical ways businesses who have been, or are about to be, hit by substantial revenue reduction due COVID-19 lockdowns can react. He offers lessons learnt from businesses who have already been through the crisis of their work and clients diminishing, and what businesses can do to prepare and act to ensure survival.

Roadmap to Recovery part 3: How businesses can reimagine and reinvent after the COVID-19 lockdown

In this podcast episode, Mike Sewell FCPA discusses the types of businesses who have experienced high demand throughout - or due to - the COVID-19 pandemic, and some of the challenges they face. He provides practical ways businesses can manage a temporary spike in demand, and offers lessons other businesses can learn from these high growth businesses. Listen now.

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