Career Skills Revisited: Emotional intelligence is a skill you can learn

The World Economic Forum identifies emotional intelligence as one of the top 10 skills required by employers by 2020. Did you know it’s a skill you can learn?

In this podcast episode, expert and author David Smith discusses how emotional intelligence can be used to achieve your desired results in the workplace. He covers how finance professionals can develop this skill to help drive better decisions, behaviour, and performance, and outlines how you can use emotional intelligence both professionally and personally to connect with and influence the people around you. Listen now.

Host: Mel Yates, Director of Reporting, Red Tape Reduction and Corporate Services at the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission
Guest: David Smith, Director and Founder of EQhq and author of The Emotionally Intelligent Leader: The Missing Ingredient for Leadership Success

This episode was originally released on 9th August 2019 and is part of the career skills revisited series. While the discussion references the not-for-profit sector, this podcast is relevant to anyone looking to develop their emotional intelligence skills at work.

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