How the health care sector is planning for the future

Like many sectors, health care is going through an enormous shift. New technologies, the expectations of patients across generations, and how to engage a diverse workforce, are just some of the challenges. In this podcast episode, hear Martin Bowles, National Chief Executive Officer of Calvary Health Care Australia speak with Dr. Avi Ratnanesan, CEO of Energesse, on how he is tackling the big issues by keeping things simple. Not only for those working within health care, this episode will give any leader tips on building their organisation and driving their career.


  • 2.20 How the private health care sector can differentiate itself
  • 4.42 Top three things to improve patient experience
  • 8.00 The relationship between patient experience and financial outcomes
  • 10.42 What do Australian hospitals need to change in terms of quality, safety and clinical governance?
  • 12.35 How to build engagement and get the best out of your team with a diverse workforce
  • 15.49 The do’s and don’ts for future leaders in healthcare
  • 19.11 Integrated care opportunities to better align the health system moving forward
  • 20.49 A vision for the future of healthcare
  • 24.19 How does having a diverse career shape thinking in healthcare?
  • 26.09 Martin Bowles’ advice on shaping your career

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