The human side of change management

Change has become the new normal at work, but are you really equipped to deal with it, or even make the most out of it for your career? In this podcast episode, you will hear from Suzanne Waldron, leadership and behavioural change expert, on why the future of leadership is about social intelligence as processes are increasingly automated. She discusses how to prepare for change in your organisation and how you can build a culture of trust with the people you work with, ultimately building your career. Suzanne is in conversation with Kimberly White, Content Producer at CPA Australia. Suzanne Waldron is speaking at this year’s CPA Congress.


  • 0.48 Why the future of leadership is social intelligence
  • 5.33 How does social intelligence operate within organisations?
  • 7.02 How leaders can relinquish control to generate momentum for change
  • 9.53 How to prepare an organisation’s leadership for implementing change
  • 12.20 How to develop a trust culture when leading change
  • 16.44 The results of poor leadership during change
  • 20.55 ‘Wrong leadership’ and how long it can last
  • 25.37 Do business leaders focus enough on the mental health of their staff?
  • 28.08 How to balance mental health with workplace pressures

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