The Impact of Genuine Leadership

Explore the steps to stronger self-belief with behaviour specialist Suzanne Waldron, as she presents the impact of genuine leadership to a live audience at CPA Congress. Suzanne explains the importance of taking time for ourselves and focusing on our strengths are crucial in order to lead others.


03:34 – the definition of flourishing
07:34 – what it takes to flourish
08:07 – how to build self belief
13.02 – understanding that we have more choice than we think we do
31:37 – understanding your personal values and coming back to self belief, choice and kindness.
32:26 – How to take time for ourselves to be able to lead others.
33:24 – the importance of having vision and certainty in our leadership style
35:24 – vorking on Focusing on your strengths and the people around you as a leader

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