Career Skills Revisited: How to thrive during uncertainty

Do you have the tools - both professionally and personally - to manage yourself and your team in times of crisis and uncertainty?

In this popular episode that we have re-released, Mark Broadhead and Rich Hirst discuss ways to thrive during uncertainty. They offer practical tips and advice on how to develop these skills, such as taking responsibility, looking for the gift in every situation, and focusing your energy in the direction of growth and learning. They discuss how judgement and emotional intelligence are skills you can develop, and that mastering these skills will make you stronger and more prepared to thrive through any crisis. Listen now.

Looking for more on this topic? Dr Lucy Hone will speak on ‘Building personal resilience and creating hope’ at this year’s Public Practice Virtual Conference on 19 August 2021. Find out more here.

Guest: Rich Hirst, CEO and founder, Tenfold Australia
Host: Mark Broadhead, Deputy Chair of the CPA Australia New South Wales not-for-profit discussion group

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