Understanding your digital body language at work

The rapid increase in the digital nature of our workplace has changed the dynamics of traditional office politics. In this podcast, renowned collaboration expert Erica Dhawan discusses how even body language has gone digital and she reveals the new signals and cues that make or break trust, empathy and respect in the digital age.

You will learn why even brief messages can turn into seemingly passive aggressive. And how power plays can show up in emails and even in video call dynamics. Dhawan explains why ambiguous messages of a message can be confusing and reduce cross-functional collaboration. She offers some sage advice on the art of plain, clear concise communication.

Guest: Erica Dhawan, a 21st century workplace collaboration expert, also know as the ‘Oprah of Management Ideas’. She is a keynote speaker at CPA Australia’s Virtual Congress 2021
Host: Jackie Blondell, Editorial Content Lead - CPA Australia.

Further Resources:
Transcript (PDF) 
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