The role of the insurer in better patient safety

The Victorian Managed Insurance Authority (VMIA) is the Victorian Government’s captive insurer - but they do so much more. VMIA provide risk management advice to help government departments prepare for and prevent harm, and to recover rapidly if harm occurs. In this podcast episode you’ll hear from Andrew Davies, General Manager, Service Delivery at VMIA, as he discusses how VMIA use their privileged position to understand the risks health services face and how to mitigate harm, using risk management as a strategic enabler. Andrew is in conversation with Georgina Switkowski, Associate Director at NAB Health.


00.34 – Who are Victoria Managed Insurance Authority and what do they do?

02.44 – Using data analytics and insights to provide value

05.53 – Managing the interplay of clinicians and operations management at a hospital

07.05 – Health services as targets of cyber attacks

16.18 – Key drivers for how to calculate premiums for health services

21.22 – Other factors that come into play when calculating premiums for health services

23.40 – How to assess emerging risks and the unknown

25.09 – What types of questions should health services be asking their insurers?

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