Wellbeing at work: Why financial health is only one success factor

Finance can be a stressful place to work and in recent times tensions have only ramped up due to increasing regulatory and compliance demands, coupled with a business environment in a state of flux.

The global pandemic only fueled that stress when it hit in February 2020. Then liquidity, cashflow and forecasting went from being a priority to the number one priority in a short space of time.

In this podcast episode we'll explore, with guest Duncan Young, head of workplace health and wellbeing at international property group Lendlease, how we can make incremental changes to our work and home life to improve overall health and well-being.

Guest: Duncan Young, workplace health and well-being expert

Hosts: Beau Turner, chair of CPA Australia’s Corporate Committee in Victoria, Michael Papadopoulos, Committee member

Further Resources:

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