What do the best finance teams do?

In this podcast episode, Race Strauss FCPA, Executive Manager Finance – Qantas Group, will show you why the best finance teams go beyond the numbers to build valuable insights for their organisation. You will find practical advice on why you need to understand the business beyond the functional work of your team, why building relationships and trust is crucial, and why you need to have the courage to back yourself to become a top performer.

This podcast episode was originally a presentation at CPA Congress 2016. Race Strauss FCPA is presenting at the World Congress of Accountants, taking place 5-8 November 2018 in Sydney.


  • 2.40 Why a CFO should act like a CEO
  • 7.25 Why good finance teams go beyond the numbers
  • 10.11 Tips and tricks for finance professionals
  • 13.16 Why relationships are critical
  • 17.43 How to say yes but manage risk
  • 23.26 How to move a finance team from good to great

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