Women in finance: from accountant to CEO

As the CEO for technology solutions company Hotline IT, Michelle Joosse CPA is thriving in a technical, male-dominated industry. In this podcast episode, Michelle tells her story on how a career in finance prepared her to become a CEO, the mistakes made and lessons learnt, and her top tips for anyone stepping up from a finance role to become a CEO. Michelle is in conversation with Coralia Mielczarek ASA, Management Accountant at STREAT Ltd.


03:20 – Michelle’s journey to become CEO of Hotline IT
08:30 – why take on the CEO role at Hotline IT
09:29 – how to transition from financial controller to CEO
12:00 – how becoming a CPA helped to become a CEO
12:30 – the benefits of being a woman in a male-dominated industry and juggling family
15:13 – why a lack of technical ability can be an asset for a CEO
16:19 – overcoming challenges to become a successful CEO
18:06 – making mistakes and learning from them
19:34 – using social media as part of marketing
21:12 – the biggest surprises since taking on a CEO role
22:39 – advice for CPAs stepping up from a purely financial role

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