Your Financial Planning journey

This podcast discusses Michael Samu’s financial planning journey hints and tips for those who are starting out, as well as those in a renewal phase of business. Discover how Michael continually adds value to his clients via his one-stop shop and how he engages with millennials’ to position his firm for the future


  • Adding a credit license to your business: 5:14
  • Defining passive income business: 6:47
  • How to differentiate from competitors also offering financial planning, loans, and debt management: 8:19
  • Key characteristics to look for in staff members to ensure successful business 10:15
  • How to position the ongoing relationship with your clients to keep them on track financially: 12:38
  • Positioning the value you provide to a client in terms of setting a fee expectation: 14:12
  • Building a digital presence to draw in your target clients: 16:51
  • Tips for people thinking about an accounting or financial planning career: 21:22
  • Advice for newly licensed accountants: 23:26

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