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Tips for managing tough times

Disaster recovery toolkit

Any business may fall victim to a disaster that may disrupt their business. This could be an event such as fire, flood or earthquake, or a creeping disaster such as drought or disease. Our disaster recovery toolkit provides guidance to businesses affected by a disaster – whether they have a continuity plan or not.


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Disaster recovery tips

10:00, 6.26MB Mike Sewell, director, Market Gap Investments, has experience assisting businesses recover from disasters. In this podcast, he offers guidance for small-to-medium enterprises that have been directly and indirectly affected by a natural disaster

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Inside the global crisis

14:12 mins 16.32MB CPA Australia talks to Prof Justin O’Brien, a specialist in the dynamics of financial regulation. In this exclusive podcast, O’Brien talks about rules versus principles, the role of regulation and the arrogance of those who would try to take down Qantas.

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