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Preparing Your Firm for the Future
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It’s never been more important to plan ahead and prepare your business for the future.

MY FIRM. MY FUTURE. is a suite of resources to help you build a successful business now and in the future. The suite includes an in-depth research report on the changing accounting landscape, four practical guides to help implement the report's key findings, a series of E-learning modules focused on building a sustainable business and a workshop to help you plan for your firm of the future.

Each resource complements each other, from supporting your strategic planning through to developing new skills in a specific area that's immediately relevant to your business.

My Firm My Future Report 2019

Our MY FIRM. MY FUTURE. REPORT 2019 explores the key forces shaping the accounting profession and provides public practitioners with the evidence and insights they need to make informed practice and service development decisions. Four themes were identified from these report insights that will help members prepare for the future.

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My Firm My Future Guides

The four themes identified in our MY FIRM. MY FUTURE. Report 2019 complement each other and can be explored individually or collectively depending on your own business goals and circumstances. To help members implement these four core findings, four practical guides have been developed in consultation with members and subject matter experts.

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MY FIRM. MY FUTURE. E-learning is a suite of online modules designed to help you build a sustainable business. Select topics that are most important to your immediate business or client needs and benefit from regular updates and added modules that address essential and future requirements.

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MY Firm. My Future. Workshop

Building on the report findings, the MY FIRM. MY FUTURE. Workshop was developed to help members build a sustainable practice and prepare for the future. A complimentary webinar series has been scheduled for 2021, which is available exclusively to CPA Australia members, along with a number of face-to-face workshops.

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