Introduction of the best practice program

The Quality Review Program was postponed in 2020, in line with CPA Australia's decision to postpone all face-to-face member events following the outbreak of COVID-19.

We have taken this opportunity to conduct a review of the existing program involving consultation with both member Committees and regulators. We are pleased to announce that we will be relaunching the program in 2021 as the new Best Practice Program. 

Key features of the Best Practice Program

  • A greater focus on personalised support for members, through a tailored approach with increased transparency and efficiency. 
  • Providing additional value for members by addressing a broader set of business objectives, including connecting members to resources, tools and continuing education to help them future proof their practices.
  • An investment in new technology to improve the member experience, making file sharing and progress tracking simple, efficient and secure.
  • The introduction of firm reviews, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for members at the same practice.  
  • Providing tailored assessments and personalised support through a combination of CPA Australia members and CPA Australia's in-house experts as Best Practice Assessors.
  • Ensuring new public practice certificate holders are set up for success through a process of peer consultation, providing personalised coaching and support.
  • The development of a personalised support plan after every review, with links to relevant education, guidance and useful resources.

Further information on the new Best Practice Program will be available soon ahead of the launch of the new program in 2021.


Contact us

For further information on the Best Practice Program or on quality control and risk management, contact the Best Practice Program team at: 

P: +61 3 9606 9606
E: [email protected]