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COVID-19 Support

The outbreak of COVID-19 is having an overwhelming effect on individuals, businesses and communities. CPA Australia has available resources, guides, advice and updates to support you and your clients in navigating these unprecedented and rapidly changing waters.

COVID-19 Resources

Working together

CPA Australia, Beyond Blue and Mental Health First Aid came together to explore how members can recognise and support their clients, co-workers and staff who are experiencing mental health problems or conditions as well as ways to look after their own mental health in this 90-minute webinar recording.

Beyond Blue offers a Coronavirus mental wellbeing support service with information, advice and strategies to help you manage your wellbeing and mental health, including support for small business owners:

Beyond Blue also offer a four-part online learning course, Mental wellbeing: support yourself and small businesses which is designed to improve mental health and wellbeing literacy, and educate business advisers about how to have an empathetic conversation with small business owners they know.

Support in the Workplace

In this recorded webinar for CPA Australia members, psychologist Clare Mann provides strategies for avoiding burnout and managing stress at this unprecedented time while empowering clients to do the same.

Wellbeing Articles

Chalk hand outline reaching real hand

Five ways to discuss mental health in the workplace

Mental health is too important to ignore, but often hard to discuss. Here are five strategies to get the conversation started in your work organisation.

Man sleeping at the work desk

How to manage workplace burnout

Burnout is typically accompanied by emotional exhaustion, cynicism and reduced productivity. Employers and employees can take steps to recognise and manage burnout.

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Mental health in roving workforce

Remote working presents a raft of upsides: cost savings, increased productivity and reduced absenteeism. But is emotional intelligence the first casualty?

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Post-crisis psychology: Staying calm during the storm

Redefining ‘success’ may be the most important step in your professional development during the COVID-19 crisis.

Dr Jonathon King

Telehealth start-up targets rural mental health

When Dr Jonathan King discovered people outside Australia's major cities could not access mental health care he decided he had to do something about it.

Illustration of person with storm overhead

The high costs of ignoring mental health in the workplace

Apart from moral and ethical reasons to ensure the mental health of employees, the financial argument is compelling.

Group of people meditating

The pros and cons of corporate wellness programs

In a world that is increasingly dominated by millennials, the old values or style of working – as hard as possible for as long as possible – are being phased out.

People doing yoga in the workplace

Workplace wellness programs – should they be mandatory

Wellness enters the workforce as research points to the benefits it brings to both employees and the bottom line.