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As the business world evolves, it’s important to make a big impression.

That's why CPA Australia has introduced a new short-form of certification: micro-credentials.

Our micro-credentialed courses cover the most in-demand business and finance skills, and are flexible, relevant, and provide life-long learning opportunities.


Learn to make a big impression with CPA Australia’s Micro-Credentials.
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What is a micro-credential?

Micro-credentials are a form of certification and represent key marks of achievement. They can be earned through bite-sized chunks of learning that you can complete at your own pace, anywhere and anytime.

CPA Australia’s Micro-Credentials focus on specific skills and capabilities and are a new way to accumulate and demonstrate your knowledge, skills and competence.

What is a micro-credential; Explore micro-credentials and how they can benefit you.
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What will CPA Australia's Micro-Credentials cover?

Micro-credentials will be based on soft skills, technical skills, public practice or a combination, and will align to our Accounting and Finance Capability Framework.

The first suite is on the topic of Digital Finance, made up of six micro-credentialed courses. Each course represents 20-hours of study. You can choose to study all six or a combination.

Explore our Digital Finance micro-credentials

Simon Eassom, Executive General Manager of Education explains micro-credentials.
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What are digital badges?

The award of a micro-credential will be represented by a digital badge or, for a stack of micro-credentials, a digital certificate. Digital icons will visually represent your achievements and contain relevant information incorporated within the icon itself. These icons contain embedded metadata. When you share your digital badge through platforms such as LinkedIn, someone viewing your badge can explore the metadata to learn more about the course undertaken, skills obtained, how you were assessed, and verify the badge’s authenticity.

Learn more about digital badges

Simon Eassom, Executive General Manager of Education explains digital badges.
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How it works


Complete a micro-credentialed short course

The micro-credentialed courses offered by CPA Australia are equivalent to 20, 30, 40 or 60 hours of learning, including an accompanying assessment.

Explore Digital Finance micro-credentials


Receive a digital badge

We have partnered with Credly to provide you with a digital badge once you successfully pass your assessment, representing your micro-credential.

Learn more about Credly and Acclaim


Show off your badge

You will be able to claim your digital badge on Credly’s Acclaim platform. Your digital badge contains information describing the micro-credential you’ve achieved and will allow you to demonstrate your level of capability.

Learn more about showing off your digital badge

Our Micro-credentials

Digital Finance Mastery badge

Digital Finance

Digital Finance micro-credentialed courses align to new, emerging capability requirements around data and digital skills and technologies, including the ways we are using technology to replace manual accounting practices, such as smartphones payments, big data, AI and automation. This suite of certifications will help accounting professionals understand the changing technological environment they work in.

The suite comprises of six micro-credentialed courses and you can study all six or a single course.

Explore Digital Finance micro-credentials

What are the benefits of Micro-credentials?

Choose the subjects and pace of study that suits you.

Display your achievements online with digital badges and digital certificates.

Awarded by a globally recognised authority, CPA Australia.

Continuous progress
Build and display your achievements iteratively.

In areas that are relevant to your unique career.

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Frequently Asked Questions



The micro-credentialed courses offered by CPA Australia are equivalent to 20, 30, 40 or 60 hours of study, including an in-built formal assessment that corresponds to an AQF level. When you successfully complete a course, you’ll be awarded a digital badge that represents the micro-credential. Relevant micro-credentialed courses that can be ‘stacked’ into 120-hours of study will be assessed by a capstone exam, and successful completion represented by a digital certificate.

CPA Australia is introducing education offerings that are flexible, relevant, add value and provide life-long learning opportunities. We are offering micro-credentials alongside the CPA Program, in response to changes within the profession, both to the skills and capabilities employers are looking for in finance and business professionals and to the way that individuals want to develop their professional capabilities and demonstrate their achievements.

The CPA Program is a ‘macro-credential’ that represents a significant investment of study hours to achieve a globally recognised designation. CPA Australia Micro-Credentials are available alongside the CPA Program, as a new way to quickly gain or demonstrate specific capabilities important to your employer or career path.

A high competency in digital finance is increasingly expected of finance professionals. That’s why we’re pleased to share that Digital Finance will be introduced as a new elective in the CPA Program from Semester 2, 2021.

If you're underway in your CPA Program study, you can make subject choices for the coming semesters to ensure that you’ve got an elective space free to complete this subject when it’s available in Semester 2, 2021. If you don't have any elective spots free, you will be able to stack our Digital Finance micro-credentialed courses into 120-hours of study, assessed by a capstone exam, with your achievement represented by a ‘Digital Finance’ digital certificate.

All CPA Australia Micro-Credentialed courses have in-built assessment which is included in the fee. You can choose not to complete the assessment, but you won’t receive the micro-credential or be able to claim a digital badge and CPD hours will not be automatically applied.

Learners will have 60 minutes to complete 20 multiple choice questions for each Digital Finance micro-credentialed course.

Learners must achieve a score of at least 60 percent, or 12 out of 20 marks, to pass the assessment.

Assessment with be subject to security conditions including a photo ID check and will be monitored at intervals and learners must ensure they have a working webcam and meet all system requirements.

No, the Digital Finance assessment seeks to replicate real world practice, while validating the competency requirements of each course. The assessment is therefore open book and learners may refer to the course or other supporting resources they deem necessary.

Open book exams do not mean learners don’t need to study the content, and answers will not be easy to find during the assessment. Learners need to be familiar with the concepts and contents of the course plus any supporting resources they are using in the assessment.

The assessment is set at proficient level of CPA Australia’s Accounting and Finance Capability Framework which equates to an under-graduate level (Australian Qualifications Framework level 6/7). The assessment will be an accurate representation of the skills that learners need to demonstrate at this level of competency. We encourage learners to spend the recommended study time on the course and read through the entire content, before attempting the assessment.

There are also supporting resources to help learners prepare for the exam, such as a Practice Exam and a short ‘assessment assistance’ video containing study tips.

The Digital Finance micro-credentialed courses and assessments are the equivalence of an undergraduate subject level and are at the Proficient level on our Accounting and Finance Capability Framework. View our definitions of levels of capability and experience.

Digital badges and digital certificates

When someone clicks on your digital badge or certificate, they will be able to view information about that achievement. We call this information ‘metadata’. It includes:

  • Who has awarded the badge or certificate and when;
  • The subject studied including learning outcomes;
  • Hours of learning and the assessment process undertaken;
  • Date of attainment; and
  • The level of capability achieved, and skills demonstrated.

We have partnered with Credly, an organisation that provides digital credentials worldwide. Credly will issue and manage your digital badges and certificates through their Acclaim platform.

For help claiming or managing badges and certificates, please contact Credly’s Acclaim Support at

There are no additional fees to use the Acclaim platform.

No, digital badges and certificates are secure, tamper-proof icons, linked to data hosted on Credly’s Acclaim platform. The link to verified data makes them more reliable and secure than a paper-based certificate. It also eliminates the possibility of anyone claiming someone else’s credential and associated identity.

By following the links on Credly’s Acclaim platform, you can display your digital badges and certificates on social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Weibo, by email, or embedded in a website or email signature. View our Digital Badge Guide for details on how to claim your badge or certificate and more.

It is in CPA Australia’s programme of work to digitise our offerings, including retrospectively awarding a digital badge or certificate for Certification achievements and CPA designation. Further communication on these exciting offerings will be available in the near future.

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